Justice – Hyperdrama

Justice fuse funk and synthwave with their trademark electronica – the result is intentionally uneven, constantly exciting and extremely dramatic

Album Review by Rhys Morgan | 23 Apr 2024
  • Justice – Hyperdrama
Album title: Hyperdrama
Artist: Justice
Label: Ed Banger Records/Because Music
Release date: 26 Apr

Almost eight years since their last record, Justice return with their fourth studio album, Hyperdrama, which sees the French duo tweak their usual synthesis of electronica and resonant rock, evocative of Human After All-era Daft Punk. Instead, they've subbed in a watercolour of synthwave amidst pared back French house, if not funk proper. 

Hyperdrama’s continuous sequencing works to devastating effect, particularly through the album’s final third. Muscle Memory is a shapeshifting, herculean electronic maze, and the succeeding interlude (Harpy dream) defibrillates the present rhythm, heralding in the Miguel-assisted Saturnine with a vocal melody so lithe and instant that it’s Prince-worthy. These effects present a very intentional unevenness: opening tracks Neverender (one of two Tame Impala collaborations) and Generator are both strong in their own right, but as an opening gambit are discordant, the lush dreamscape of the former immediately preceding the Perturbator-like sleaze of the latter. These bifurcated parts coalesce into the sumptuous Afterimage and single One Night/All Night, as Justice's hyperdramatic odyssey finds its consistent groove in a fusion of these elements.

Justice may have struggled to reach the dizzying heights of their 2007 debut Cross, but Hyperdrama is a convincing, exciting venture in its own right.

Listen to: Incognito, Saturnine, Afterimage