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The Cineskinny is the film review podcast from The Skinny – this time, we're discussing ten of the best films of 2023

Article by The Skinny | 03 Feb 2022
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The Cineskinny is the film podcast from some of the team behind The Skinny – every fortnight we take some kind of look at the wide world of The Movies. We're talking classic films, brand-new films, film festivals, the politics of film, arthouse thinkers *and* action bangers with loads of explosions.  

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Latest Episode

It's the end of the year, sort of, so on this episode of The Cineskinny the whole gang are back and full of the cold to run through ten of 2023's best films.

Peter, Jamie, Anahit and Ellie race through a list of challenging, exciting, engaging hits from the past year – with a pleasing number of narcissistic wrong 'uns for us to judge and mock.

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The Cineskinny team

The Cineskinny is hosted by a selection of The Skinny’s finest film folk:  

Jamie Dunn, our Film Editor, who you may also have heard on BBC Radio Scotland’s Afternoon Show, or read in Sight & Sound, IndieWire or The Guardian

Anahit Behrooz, our Listings, Heads Up and Zap Editor, and a regular contributor to our Film section. Anahit’s film writing has also featured in The Quietus, Girls on Tops, One Room With A View and Little White Lies.

Peter Simpson, our Digital Editor. Big film fan, lots of enthusiasm and energy, and also responsible for the magazine’s Food and Drink pages if that helps at all. 

Ellie Robertson, our Digital Editorial Assistant, regular film and TV writer for our website, with a really good range of shoes.

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