Who Did I Think She Was?

Past event at Cabaret Voltaire

Fri 23 Aug

Entry from Free

In this new show, directed by Dan Ayling, we follow Peter as he travels from stuttering schoolboy to bald old git via weekend hippy, bingo caller, punk and speed freak in his increasingly desperate search for love. Accompanied by the enigmatic Shirley, Peter struggles through the perils of adolescent backstreet fumbles, cross-dressing and addiction, to face the awful horror of growing up. Who Did I Think She Was? strikingly contrasts Peter's experiences growing up with today's attitudes towards relationships, masculinity, sexual identity, the pursuit of love and the overpowering attraction of women's underwear.

Cabaret Voltaire
36 Blair Street
Edinburgh EH1 1QR

Cabaret Voltaire

Deep in the heart of the Old Town, nestled beneath the sinister underbelly of the Cowgate and the anxiously...
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