Word Power Books

43-45 West Nicolson Street | Edinburgh EH8 9DB
Phone: 0131 662 9112

According to Falkirk wordsmith Alan Bissett, Word Power Books "makes Edinburgh a better place". Since its formal opening in 1994, the independent bookshop has gathered a reputation for promoting non-mainstream authors and ideologies. Boasting fond accolades from a long list of writers, the shop is hailed for its radical yet passionate perspective on the business of books. A platform for independent publishers, small presses, and new writers without authorial sales history, this place is regarded by its appeciators as a progressive and dynamic hub of revolutionary thought – and a damn good bookshop too. 

If your appetite for a little radical literature has been truly whetted, nip over onto the website and see the gigantic range online. Or better yet, make your way down to West Nicholson Street and have a flick through the books for yourself. There's nothing like the smell of a brand new book, after all.

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    Word Power Books
    43-45 West Nicolson Street
    Edinburgh EH8 9DB

    Word Power Books

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    Phone: 0131 662 9112
    Web: http://word-power.co.uk