Six by Nico Edinburgh

97 Hanover Street | Edinburgh EH2 1DJ
Phone: 0131 225 5050

After building himself a corker of a reputation in Glasgow, talented chef Nico Simeone seems hell bent on injecting some serious flavour infusions to Edinburgh's palette. Not that we're grumbling of course.

After two successful ventures across the M8, Six by Nico have opened a third branch on the capital's Hanover Street. It's a risky game setting up shop in the heart of a city centre, but something tells us that ain't gonna scare this guy off.

Standing out shouldn't exactly be difficult. Simeone has a trick up his sleeve, and it comes in the shape of the number six. As the name might imply, meals at Six by Nico are served over half a dozen tasting courses. Not only that, they follow a set menu which changes – yes, you guessed it – every six weeks.

While the theme can never quite be predicted, one thing's for sure, your tastebuds are in for one heck of a ride. Take August 2018, for example, when Simeone decided to take his diners on a nostalgic journey through the most memorable of 70s cuisine. Prawn cocktail? Duck à l'orange? Trifle? Yep, they all make an appearance. Anyone who manages to make spam and mash sound swanky has got some serious culinary swag.

At just £28 a head (plus an extra £25 if you want to go down the paired wine route), it's no wonder tables are getting snapped up like hotcakes. For information on the history of Six by Nico, check out our page on its Glasgow branch.

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    Six by Nico Edinburgh
    97 Hanover Street
    Edinburgh EH2 1DJ

    Six by Nico Edinburgh

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