The Salvation of Leith

58 The Shore | Edinburgh EH6 6RA
Phone: 0131 555 4636

The Salvation of Leith has caused somewhat of a stir since opening on Edinburgh's trendy shoreline in 2017, causing many a heated debate amongst Edinburgh's locals.  The reason?  Its name.  Thankfully, we're here at The Skinny to set the record straight.

'The Salvation' is not a slight upon Leith's ailing pub scene (far from it!), nor is it in reference to the previous occupiers, The Leith Beer Co (though the shake-up has, admittedly, been gratefully received...).  It's actually a reference to the bar's maritime history; back in the 1800s, the building was a poorhouse and used as place to keep local sailors away from the temptations of a cheeky tipple.  Tad ironic when you think about it.

Though it may be young in pub years, The Salvation of Leith is already making an impression on local punters.  It was opened by the same fellas that brought The Empress of Broughton Street and Jeremiah's Taproom to the city's pub scene, and its popularity looks set to follow the same path.

There's a strong emphasis on serving up decent local booze, so you can expect to find some quality Scottish beers like Barneys and Campervan, as well as gins and whiskeys from across the country. 

The rustic decor, with dark wooden floorboards, exposed brickwork and reclaimed furniture might speak more towards a young, hipstery crowd, but the outdoor terrace is sure to appeal to all on a rare sunny day and makes for the perfect place to sample the food menu, which has a nice mix of pub-grub options, taking you right through from breakfast to dinner.  So if you find yourself in times of woe or just simply need somewhere to sample a swally, head on down to The Salvation and see what all the fuss is about.


The Salvation of Leith
58 The Shore
Edinburgh EH6 6RA

The Salvation of Leith

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