A Guide to Sending in Listings

Explaining The Skinny's listings spreadsheet template, column-by-column!

If you are reading this then you are likely about to send us your event listings, for inclusion in next month's magazine, or for publication on theskinny.co.uk. Firstly, thank you – we love people who send in their listings on time using The Skinny's template!

Deadline for online and in print (space and suitability allowing) is BEFORE the 15th of the month prior. We currently cover events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, encompassing music, clubs, theatre, comedy and art. If your event is outwith these areas and/or categories, it can still be considered for our Heads Up events calendar in the printed magazine and our Zap e-newsletter event round-ups, simply email our Events editor on listings@theskinny.co.uk

The guide below should provide a helpful and simple 'how-to' explanation on how to fill in the template, but if you have issues with downloading the template, or have any other queries, please contact the relevant Events editor above.


So let's get to it...

Event Name: List only the main performer (e.g. Rick Astley), or the title of the show (e.g. West Side Story). Please do not use block capitals. It won’t work.

Performer Name: This is where i.e. support acts, guest DJs, and additional performing comedians can be noted. Separate act names with a '+'. Again, please do not use block capitals.

Short Description: There is a 255 character limit for event descriptions. Please end descriptions with a full stop.

Venue Name: This needs to match up with the venue name stored on The Skinny website, otherwise the listing(s) won’t upload. Ideally check out theskinny.co.uk/venues and search for your venue to make sure we have a profile for you. Any issues, then email our Events editor on the above contacts.

City: List the city name, e.g. Glasgow.

Min Price: Please write the lowest entry price in this box as a simple number without pound signs, i.e. 6.5 rather than £6.50. If the event is free, place a zero in the box. Do not include any extra text.

Max Price: Please write the highest possible entry price, again as a simple number. If the event is free, place a zero in this box too.

Start Date: Please always enter in the format YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. 2016-12-31

Price: Write the words ‘free’ or ‘TBC’ if applicable.

End Date: See above. Note that club nights will usually run past midnight, so the end date needs to be the following day.

Start Time: Times are in the 24-hour clock, i.e. 11:00 (for A.M.) and 23:00 (for P.M.).

End Time: See above.

Category: Decide whether your event falls into the specified category of: 

  • Music
  • Clubs
  • Theatre
  • Art
  • Comedy
  • and please write exactly as above in the box. Our system will not recognise differently worded categories, so do not include terms such as ‘gigs’, ‘club nights’ or ‘visual art.

Extra comments or notes can be sent to the Events editor on the above contacts.

That is all you need to fill in, all the other boxes are for internal use so please feel free to ignore them.


- Music listings only cover live gigs and original bands, i.e. not tribute acts, open mic and acoustic nights.
- Clubs listings tend to only cover actual club nights, i.e. not a DJ playing in a bar with no dancefloor, we know it's fun but we can only list so much!
- None of the sections cover workshops, talks or classes, mostly because the line needs to be drawn somewhere before we go listings crazy.
- Similarly, we cannot always cover whole festivals-worth of listings. It's best to make email contact before submitting an extraordinarily large batch of listings.


By doing this The Skinny can offer you completely FREE OF CHARGE:
- Exposure to 160,000 readers every month in print, in over 650 venues in Scotland
- Engagement to nearly 150,000 unique users every month on theskinny.co.uk
- The opportunity for your event(s) to be considered for our weekly eNewsletter Zap, compiled by our Events editor, to a total of 12,000 fans via email
- Support and promotion of your events via The Skinny social networks to over 100,000+ friends/followers
- You can get your messages out to our culturally savvy 18-35 ABC1 audience directly by sending in your listings. That’s right – it's all FREE EXPOSURE to a total audience of over 520,000 every month.
For more information about our audience – and other paid-for ways to reach them – please check out our advertising information