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If The Skinny was a friend they would be the one you would rely on to be honest, engaging and curious.

Always in the know about the latest new band, which contemporary art exhibition to check out and the club night to plan your weekend around.

All of The Skinny platforms are trusted sources of informed cultural journalism, provided by a passionate community of writers, photographers, illustrators and artists.


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Our Audience Wants To Discover

The Skinny's vision is to encourage all our readers both in print and digitally, to participate in the scenes around them and be the first to know and support upcoming local, national and international talent.

You can advertise in print reaching 285,000 readers a month, via reaching 120,000 unique users a month or via our weekly eNewsletter Zap engaging with 14,000 subscribers a week.

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OUR Readers...

Smart, savvy and on the pulse. The Skinny reader is out and about sampling what the cities have to offer. 

They have to be to pick up a copy.

You can pick up The Skinny in over 1200+ venues across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee (650), Manchester, Liverpool and Preston (550). We hand pick each venue, from music shops and independent cafes to art galleries, retailers, theatres and universities. Our clients know that our print title is in the hands of the readers they want to convey their message to. And our readers know exactly where to seek The Skinny out.

- 18 - 35 (69% between 19 - 35)
- ABC 1
- 63% work full time, 25% student
- Trendsetting and engaged
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Established for 8 years, The Skinny Scotland celebrated its 100th issue in January 2014. 

- Scotland's largest entertainment and listings mag
- Monthly, free magazine
- ABC certified 32,090 copies a month
- 160,000 estimated readers
- Adverts start from £325 for the month
- Large, tabloid size for high visual impact
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The Skinny launched across Liverpool & Manchester in April 2013, firmly establishing the position as the largest entertainment and listings magazine in the Northwest. Distribution in Leeds started in December 2014.

- 28,000+ copies per month
- 125,000 estimated readers
- Adverts start from £225 for the month
- Monthly, free magazine
- Large, tabloid size for high visual impact
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    - 120,000 unique users/ month
    - 240,000 page views/ month
    - 0.18% Average CTR for display advertising
    - 38% of desktop users from Scotland, 26% from London
    - 25% of users on mobile devices
    - Music is the most popular section online, with 44% of total visits to this section
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    The Zap

    A weekly e-newsletter sent directly to our die hard fans who want to know everything that didn't make it into print and all those special, secret or last minute events.


    - Top ten recommendations for the week ahead, every Thursday
    - Scotland - 10,800+ subscribers/ wk
    - 20% Open Rate
    - Northwest - 4000+ subscribers/ wk
    - 33% Open Rate
    - All posted via social networks of 56,000+/ week
    - Hosted on
    - Skyscraper and advertorial opportunities
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    Bespoke Solus emails targeted to our audience allows a brand to interact and engage with The Skinny readership, promote a one off event like Absolut or launch a festival campaign, we work to your specifications and deliver the interactive campaign you desire.

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    You want more? Well so do we.

    Here are some projects The Skinny works on:

    The Skinny Student Handbook

    - Free annual, high quality glossy guide distributed in Scotland and the Northwest from students for students
    - Established in Scotland, now in its 8th year with 30,000 copies distributed 
    - Launching in Northwest England in 2014, with 30,000 copies
    - Perfect pocket guide for new and returning students
    - Click here for the rate card for Scotland or the Northwest

    The Cine Skinny

    Each year The Skinny builds on our annual media partnership with the Glasgow Film Festival. We produce a daily guide, out every day of the festival with interviews, features and more keeping the festival audiences up to speed.

    Produced in conjunction with the GFF and endorsed by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, this daily magazine is also uploaded digitally to provide an overall audience of 300,000+.

    Advertising starts from just £295 for the full duration.

    Fest Magazine

    - The Skinny is a sister title to Fest magazine, the largest free guide to the Edinburgh fringe festival
    - 25,000 copies of the Preview guide, A5, glossy title out 28 July 2014, also distributed in London
    - Bi-weekly A5 glossy guides out for the three weeks of the fringe festival, with extensive theatre, art and comedy reviews and listings. 100,000 copies every festival! Check out the full media pack here.
    - The Skinny also has extended Festival coverage in August, focusing on the up and coming talent so our readers can be ahead of the crowds on the hottest new show. Check out more information here.

    Opportunities, Partnerships & Bespoke PRojects

    We can make you your own magazine, help launch brochures, create an individual guide, and throw a damn good party.

    Check out all of the opportunities we have here.

    Do you have something special planned?  Would you like to get The Skinny team on board?

    Let us know, we have a huge community of artistic and creative talent keen to work on new and exciting projects.

    Give us a call on 0131 467 4630 or 0161 831 9590 to find out more about how we can work with you.

    The Skinny Sales Team
    Nicola, Claire & Nicky (Scotland) Caroline, Issy, & Nicola (Northwest)  


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