35 Peter Street | Manchester M2 5BG
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Known for its outlandish and self-righteous marketing, BrewDog takes no prisoners when it comes to the, erm, art of beer drinking (yes, it is an art, you philistine!). Starting life as home-brew sold on a market stall, these days the Manchester branch of the bar arm of business is just one of many in their chain as they continue their march on world domination. Expect an interior that nods to industrialism harder than the Churchill dog, with plenty of space for standing, although the bar has recently added booth-style seating for those after a taste of their home-smoked BBQ menu. On draft, there’s always a wide and varied selection of beer and most can be ordered as thirds, encouraging drinkers to challenge their palate, not just their liver. Alongside the brand’s own brews, you’ll find an enticing menagerie of equally expertly crafted beers to tempt even the most hardened lager fiends. Tip: in case you haven’t guessed, if you don’t like beer, BrewDog’s probably not for you. If you love craft beer, then head straight there. [Anna Tully]

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    35 Peter Street
    Manchester M2 5BG


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    Phone: 0161 832 1922