Campervan Brewery

Bonnington Business Centre | Edinburgh EH6 5HG
Phone: 0131 553 3373

Over here at The Skinny, we love a business with humble origins. Campervan Brewery is no exception.

The business started – as the name might suggest – out of owner Paul Gibson's campervan, an olive green VW affectionately named 'The Hoppy Camper'. After considerable time spent honing his brewing craft in the confines of his garage and then selling his hoppy wares on the road, Paul decided it was high time he found himself a permament site for his brewery and in 2017, set up shop down on Leith's Jane Street.

Thankfully for Edinburgh's craft-beer-lovin' peeps, the shiny new microbrewery also comes with a welcoming taproom where you can get up close and personal, both with the brewing process and with the sampling. Customers can now get the chance to taste the beers at their source, as well as learning a little more about microbrewing and how the whole industry works.  

Campervan Brewery's menu may be 'petite' at this stage, but already their three main players have proven firm favourites across some of Scotland's best watering holes, as well as garnering support from as far afield as Asia and Australia. The dynamic trio consists of Blonde Voyage, a "blonde ale with a summer vibe", Mutiny on the Bounty, a "revolutionary milk stout", and All Shook Up, "a champagne style beer". With a hat trick like this under their belt, we're predicting big things for Campervan Brewery.

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    Campervan Brewery
    Bonnington Business Centre
    Edinburgh EH6 5HG

    Campervan Brewery

    Opening Hours:
    Fri: 17:00 - 22:00
    Sat: 14:00 - 21:00

    Phone: 0131 553 3373