BrewDog Lothian Road

Festival Square | Edinburgh EH3 9BY
Phone: 0131 228 2305

Ah, BrewDog; the company with all the makings of a Hollywood script in the pipeline. Two guys with a love of beer start brewing their own; then they go from selling out of the back of their van to rising up in the ranks of craft beer stardom, with bars popping up across Europe, the States and even as far afield as Australia. Nigh on every great UK city has one; never one to be outdone, Edinburgh has only gone and got itself a second.

Following on from the success of their Cowgate branch, BrewDog have recently set up shop on Lothian Road. It's a premier spot (mind the one that used to be a Clydesdale Bank?), with the capital's castle towering above, Princes Street just yards away and the Traverse, Lyceum and King's theatres, as well as Usher Hall all within earshot. It's sure to be a riotous affair during festival season.

The bar is roomier than their Cowgate gaff, with outdoor space during the summer and a larger, industrial warehouse vibe. When it comes to the drinks on tap though, the same rules apply; if you're a craft-beer fanatic, this is the place for you. If you don't love beer, then you might want to start lovin' beer!

These guys know their stuff. Lothian Road is home to 20 taps of craft beer, changing on a rotational basis. Their website is updated daily, so there's no need to worry about those favourite tipples going out of stock. Their fridges come with a killer take-away selection if time is not exactly on your hands, but if it is you might as well pull up a pew and tuck into some of the glorious bar bites on offer, from bustling burgers to zingin' wings. That's right; BrewDog are serving food, meaning that this is one occasion where we're happy for their bite to be stronger than their bark.

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    BrewDog Lothian Road
    Festival Square
    Edinburgh EH3 9BY

    BrewDog Lothian Road

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