Teviot Underground

Teviot Row Union | Edinburgh EH8 9AJ
Phone: 0131 650 4673

When clocked from Bristo Square, the gothic architecture of Teviot House gives a striking impression of haunted glamour and prestige – which, although beautiful, hardly sounds like the setting for a good ol' shinig. But that's the charm of Teviot, for within there are rooms galore, all characterised slightly differently and many of which make for a wicked night.

Take Teviot Underground, for example: a secret little venue hidden under the more famous Library Bar. It may be small and ever so slightly dated, but Teviot Row Union's not inconsiderable club space is made all the more enjoyable for its lack of pretension. There's a sizeable dancefloor, curved banquettes and tables in dark little seating nooks downstairs, along with more balcony tables overlooking the bar.

All in all, it's a little gem of a venue which is often overlooked in favour of larger independent clubs. Underground's ungimmicky ethos, however, places music and entertainment right back in the centre of the action. No frills it may be, but  'dated' is just another word for 'retro', right?

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    Teviot Underground
    Teviot Row Union
    Edinburgh EH8 9AJ

    Teviot Underground

    Phone: 0131 650 4673
    Web: http://eusa.ed.ac.uk/services/union/venuehire/teviot

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