Great Scots: 2020 in Scottish Music

Traditions are important, so with that in mind we're sticking to our end-of-year one. Here's an eight-hour playlist from Scottish artists that have helped us get through what has been an incredibly hard year

Feature by Tallah Brash | 18 Dec 2020

We've already celebrated our five favourite Scottish albums of the year from NOVA, Carla J. Easton, Still House Plants, Callum Easter and Erland Cooper in our 2020 in Scottish Music round-up, but so much more music than that came out this year in Scotland that needs to be celebrated. With that in mind, let us present to you our Great Scots: 2020 in Scottish Music playlist, which you can follow and enjoy by clicking on the Spotify player below (click here if it's not displaying correctly).

Made up of 122 tracks – we honestly could have kept adding to it, but felt we had to draw the line somewhere – our 2020 Great Scots playlist features almost eight hours of knockout music from across Scotland, taking in all manner of genres, from hip-hop and grime to electronica, pop, R'n'B, metal and more. It fills us with such pride every year when we create this, as our nation truly are a talented bunch of music-makers.

As well as featuring lots of brand spanking new music that has come out in 2020, the playlist also features a few nods to artists nominated for major awards this year like Anna Meredith, whose 2019 record Fibs received a Mercury Prize nomination, and Bossy Love and Comfort, whose 2019 efforts were both nominated for this year's SAY Award, both of whom we spoke to at the start of the year. The rest of the playlist, however, is made up of tracks we've premiered and artists we've featured in The Skinny at some point throughout the year, as well as many artists we haven't been able to shout about due to the pandemic; hopefully this playlist goes some way to making up for that.

Without further ado, to all of the amazing Scottish and Scotland-based musicians, old and new, who have continued to create throughout 2020, thank you for the music. You've really helped make a grey year just that little bit brighter.