Bossy Love – Talk To Me (Paradise 100 remix): Premiere

Listen to the Paradise 100 remix of Bossy Love's Talk To Me, taken from their upcoming Whiplash Remixed EP

Article by Music Team | 21 May 2019
  • Bossy Love

As they put the finishing touches to their debut album, Glasgow’s Bossy Love are gearing up to release a remixed version of their debut EP Whiplash, which came out back in January. Featuring remixes from Uniiqu3, Dance System, Paradise 100 and Bossy Love’s own John Baillie Jnr, it makes Bossy Love even more dancefloor-ready.

Explaining the thinking behind the remix EP, Baillie Jnr – who used to produce and DJ under the moniker Dolby Anol – tells us: "I’ve been making dance music and DJing for as many years as I’ve been in bands. I consider dance music to be the purest form of music there is, in an ideal club environment it can be a nameless, egoless tool to help bring people together and transcend our differences.

"Its innate openness and ability to incorporate any type of sound makes it fertile ground for reinterpretation of non-dance music too. We loved having the opportunity to have some amazing minds use our Whiplash EP in their own unique ways, to bring them to the dancefloors of their respective scenes."

"John and I actually started out as a DJ/MC duo," Bossy Love frontwoman Amandah Wilkinson explains. "John is an excellent DJ and has a real passion for dance music, so we thought a remix EP could be a great way to introduce and incorporate that into our Bossy Love journey. We’ve been lucky enough to have Uniiqu3, Paradise 100 and Dance System do remixes for us; three people who we think are amazing talents in the dance scene."

Ahead of its release, The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the Paradise 100 (aka DJ Africa, aka Graham Peel) remix of Talk To Me, which you can listen to in the below SoundCloud player (click here if it's not displaying correctly), a delightfully squelchy and wubby slice of shoulder shimmy-worthy dance music. "Amandah has a great way of enunciating certain words,” Peel tells us. “I couldn't stop listening to her say the word ‘talk', so I decided to construct the remix around that.”

Whiplash Remixed is released on 24 May; Bossy Love play Southern Exposure, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 21 Jun; Kelburn Garden Party, Kelburn Castle, 6 Jul