The Skinny Food Survey 2015: Chewing it Over

As our fourth annual Food and Drink Survey continues, we take a closer look at four of the categories you’ll be voting on

Feature | 30 Sep 2014
  • Hula Juice Bar

By now, we assume that you’ve all carefully considered your options and cast your votes in this year’s Skinny Food and Drink Survey. You’ve filled out our online form at, recruited your friends and colleagues to do the same, and probably even tweeted about it using the hashtag #skinnyfoodsurvey. Good on you, we’ll leave you in peace to enjoy the magazine.
But say for the sake of argument that you haven’t filled out our super-quick and mega-easy survey, possibly because you missed last month’s issue or are just a bit lazy. Maybe you lost your computer, or accidentally forgot that the internet existed. Well, we’re here to help. There’s no man or woman left behind in this survey, so let’s review exactly what we’re asking you for so we can all get on with our lives.

We want to know where you go for a pint. Or maybe a glass of wine, or a neon-coloured cocktail served in a glass skull. This category gets straight to the heart of this whole ‘ask people where to go’ exercise – we all have our favourite places, but that in and of itself might not make those favourites any good. Is your top pub great because of its drinks, the welcome, the memories, or do you like it because it has its own dog? Or is it all of the above? By asking you all, we can work out which places have staying power and lasting appeal, where the readers of this fair magazine go when all else fails. Now, if those places happen to feature their own animals, it’ll certainly liven up the results.

Cakes. Coffee. Tea. Sandwiches. Maybe even some soup. Cafés are the daytime equivalent of the pub, they’re homes from home, places to meet up or hide out. And the great thing is that there’s so many great options for you to choose from – it’s just a case of picking your favourite and sticking to it. Are you a 'cosy living room' sort of person, or do you like your walls distressed and your espresso pored over by a man with a beard? Either way, let us know.

We’re looking for places that have opened their doors since January – that’s the only criterion. Obviously, they have to have something to do with food, but this category runs across any, all, or none of the categories in this year’s survey. If it's new, and it's foodular, it's in the running. New venues, interesting concepts and changing faces make things interesting, so let us know which is your favourite new spot from 2014.

Again, it’s open season – we aren’t going to tell you which types of food and drink venues will best suit your attempts at romantic conquest. We will, however, print the most popular answers in January’s magazine so don’t go completely wild. Tell us where you head with a significant other whether it’s for drinks, coffee, or the kind of meal that really tests your resolve to appear ‘charming.’

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