The Skinny at Glasgow Film Festival 2020

We're presenting a chat on the future of cinema at Glasgow Film Festival – and helping throw a whopper of a party as well...

Feature by The Skinny | 29 Jan 2020
  • Glasgow Film Festival

Think about the last film you watched: how did you watch it? Did you go to your local enormo-plex, or take a trip to your local arthouse cinema? Or did you in fact stream it on your knackered old laptop while sitting in the bath?

The way we learn about, discuss and watch films is changing all the time, and that's the topic of To stream or not to stream: how we watch cinema now, a discussion we're hosting at this year's Glasgow Film Festival. Once upon a time the cinema space was king, and films only made it to our houses after they'd been in (and out of) cinemas for a while. But now we can see brand-new films by Baumbachs and Scorseses without even leaving the house – so what does this mean for cinemas, audiences and filmmakers?

We're joined on the night by a panel including directors Matt Palmer – whose Highland horror film Calibre was snapped up by Netflix – and May Miles Thomas, director of documentary Voyageuse. Join us at CCA on Wed 4 Mar at 6.30pm; tickets are free, and will be available on the day from the GFF box offices at CCA, Glasgow Film Theatre and Cineworld.

We're also throwing our weight behind an end-of-GFF party at The Blue Arrow. The End of The Festival party is a chance for GFF-goers to cut loose, with tunes provided by Rebecca Vasmant. That's from 11pm on Sat 7 Mar, tickets are £5 and on-sale now via

The 2020 Glasgow Film Festival runs from 26 Feb to 8 Mar at venues across the city – read our round-up of this year's programme, and visit for more information.