Leith Theatre

28-30 Ferry Road | Edinburgh EH6 4AE

Given as a gift from the people of Edinburgh to the people of Leith after the Burgh of Leith joined to Edinburgh in 1920, The Leith Theatre has had a long, interesting and oftentimes tumultuous history.

After finally opening in 1932, the theatre was to close again in 1941 after suffering extensive bomb damage, only to remain closed for a further 20 years. After re-opening in 1961, the theatre went through a burst of activity, welcoming notable acts such as AC/DC, Mott the Hopple, Kraftwerk and Thin Lizzy to its stages. Despite this however, the theatre again sadly closed its doors in 1988.

Today, remaining in its original location at Ferry Road in Leith, the re-opening and ongoing management of the site has come under the control of Leith Theatre Trust. A not-for-profit organisation formed in 2004, the trust is committed to making the theatre a creative hub for the community of Leith and the city of Edinburgh at large. It is certainly a noble cause and one which the trust in managing with remarkable capability with a varity of exciting music and theatre events being planned for the very near future. This is a beautiful slice of Edinburgh history and, with a host of exciting events in the works and beautiful exteriors and interiors to boot, is well worth keeping an eye on.


Leith Theatre
28-30 Ferry Road
Edinburgh EH6 4AE

Leith Theatre

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Mon: 12:00 - 23:45
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