Royal Botanic Garden

20a Inverleith Row | Edinburgh EH3 5LR
Phone: 0131 552 7171

You really don't need to be a gardening enthusiast to have a jolly old time at the Royal Botanic Gardens. A floral oasis perched in the outer bracket of the city, it's actually one of Edinburgh's major spots for tourists and locals alike.

Well-kept paths and different sections of planting make it a pleasure whether you know everything or nothing about plants. Inside the walls of the gardens there is a Victorian Temperate Palm House and a Greenhouse that you have to pay a small amount to access. However, you can also take a stroll through a smaller section, admission free, and even pop into the Aquarium if that's your jam.

In the middle of the park is a small cafe and with its patio section which - in the rarer afternoons of Edinburghian sunshine - almost feels like a holiday destination. However, there's always the splendid view of Edinburgh's skyline to remind you of your Scottish whereabouts.

During the Fringe festival the Botanic Gardens also becomes a venue for open-air theatre. This allows small production companies an open and weather affected space for performances. Lovely wee spot for bringing along a picnic, but do not forget your umbrella. [Kate Pasola]


Royal Botanic Garden
20a Inverleith Row
Edinburgh EH3 5LR

Royal Botanic Garden

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Phone: 0131 552 7171