White Stuff

89 George Street | Edinburgh EH2 3ES
Phone: 01313000330

White Stuff is the kind of place you'd probably head if you're looking for some wholesome apparel to impress your in-laws, or to buy some candles which might make your flat look like it's inhabited by a person who has their shit together. White Stuff’s quirky character and Victorian features are the perfect surroundings for Craft Scotland’s Summer Show, which during the month of August will be showcasing the work of talented Scottish Makers including jewellery, textiles, ceramics and homewares. Although It does indeed sell white stuff, it also sells things of other colours too. Funnily enough, the shop's title is actually entrenched in the history of of the brand's founders. Originally launched in 1985 by a pair of buddies who were seeking a means to fund their passion for skiing, the brand was named "Boys from the White Stuff", before being shortened to its more recent moniker. 

Fast-forward to 2015 and there are now around 150 White Stuff stores, despite the fact the company have chosen not to advertise, instead branding themselves as "the high street's best kept secret". Ah well, secret's out - White Stuff sell really nice candles and linen shirts. Sue me (don't). [Kate Pasola]


White Stuff
89 George Street
Edinburgh EH2 3ES

White Stuff

Opening Hours:
Mon: 09:30 - 18:00
Tues: 09:30 - 18:00
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Phone: 01313000330
Web: http://www.whitestuff.com/shop/edinburgh/
Email: customercare@whitestuff.com