Brass Monkey Leith

362 Leith Walk | Edinburgh EH6 5BR
Phone: 0131 554 5286

The Brass Monkey, long a favourite haunt of Edinburgh's old town, has spawned a new outpost on Leith Walk just past Pilrig Church. It's got the same feel as the old Brass Monkey – laid back, good sounds, lots of film posters – but with more beer, more spirits, and more space. They're still working on developing it, but they are open and they have some very tasty beers in the fridge at extremely reasonable prices. 
What they have now:
Two flat-screen televisions and a projector for films on weekdays and for football on the weekend.  Free Wi-Fi, board games, espresso coffee.
What they have coming up:
All new Monkey Tortilla-Pizzas, soup and sandwich deals during the day, a new range of Weissbeers, ciders and ales, including the likes of Fürstenberg, Weihenstephan, Addlestone's, and Brew Dog. New long-mix cocktails to come.

After a snuggly success with its Southside branch, in 2011 Brass Monkey spawned a new outpost on Leith Walk, just past Prilig Church. With its cloud-like rooms of couches, loyalty to a good wall of movie posters and strong live music game, it definitely lives up to its older sibling on Drummond Street.

It also seems Brass Monkey Leith is out to prove that it's more than just a little brother bar. Firstly, there's more beer. Lashings and lashings of the golden nectar. Also, on that note, there are more spirits too. And, without meaning to suggest that Drummond Street is at all pokey, let's just say that Leith has a little more room to stretch the legs too. What's more, the kitchen is bigger, meaning it can serve up a greater selection of pub grub (and an impressive vegetarian menu).

"But surely it can't be as fun as the original Brass Monkey?" We hear you cry. Question duly noted - and the answer is yes. It is as fun. There are two flat-screened televisions, a projectror for films on weekdays and football at the weekend plus Wi-Fi. Oh, and they have board games in case you get bored of Tweeting about how much fun you're having.

Of course, sibling rivalry simply isn't necessary; the branches of the Brass Monkey empire are nicely spaced out, topping and tailing Edinburgh in a way that brings cosy pint-supping to locals and tourists all over town. All we're saying is that veggies, gangly folk and picky beer drinkers might be better suited to the Leith incarnation.

It should also be noted that each year we carry out The Skinny's Annual Food and Drink Survey, where we put the feelers out for the best pubs, restaurants, food shops and cafes in Scotland and the Northwest. In 2015, Brass Monkey was among the victors of the category of Best Pub, along with The Belle, The Hanging Bat, Hillhead Bookclub, Inn Deep, Nobles and The Vintage. If you're looking for the best place for grabbing a pint in Scotland, why not check out the full list of Scotland Food and Drink Survey winners? You could also check out our feature on your favourite pubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow to find out more about the champions within the Best Pub category.

[Kate Pasola]

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