The Edinburgh Dungeon

31 Market Street | Edinburgh EH1 1DF
Phone: 0871 663 1672

Ever wondered what lies beneath Edinburgh's ancient cobbled streets? Fancy delving into the darker corners of Scotland's murky past? Got a couple of hours to spare? Sounds like you could do with a trip to The Edinburgh Dungeon.

With its prime location on Market Street – mere metres from Waverley Station – there's no denying that this underground attraction is a bit of a tourist trap. That being said, the locals, young and old alike, have always had a bit of a soft spot for The Dungeon too. Yes, it's a little gimmicky in places, but anything that can make you giggle and can scare the bejezus out of you in equal measure is always going to prove a bit of a winner.

The 80 minute journey takes guests on an interactive voyage through the creepiest corners of Scotland's history. Among the attractions are eleven actor-led shows and two underground rides. You'll pass through the Caves of Galloway and plague-ravaged closes, experience the fearsome torture chamber and the Legend of Sawney Bean, and witness the aftermath of William Wallace's execution. It's all based on real legend and history, only – as the Dungeon puts it – "minus the boring bits."

Anyone old enough, and brave enough, to handle a little gore and the odd moment of audience interaction is sure to enjoy the ride.

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    The Edinburgh Dungeon
    31 Market Street
    Edinburgh EH1 1DF

    The Edinburgh Dungeon

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