179 Canongate | Edinburgh EH8 8RN

Canny-eyed 2018 Fringe-goers may have noticed a rather excellent pop-up bar by the name of Skylight. It was hard to miss the electric vibes eminating from the Old Tolbooth Market, just off Edinburgh's Royal Mile, or the slick beats which trickled through the Old Town into the wee hours of the morning throughout August.

Well, the capital's residents are in luck. Skylight is now a permanent fixture, offering an excellent performance space, as well as market and food stalls all year round from the mezzanine level of this former industrial building. The Old Tolbooth Market below is open from 10am to 10pm, and offers up space for a bar, cafe, craft and art market, as well as a food stall hub with some excellent Brazillian, Jamaican and European nosh up for grabs. It's also home to the shiny Pianodrome, once a fixture at the Royal Botanic Garden during the festival, making for some more unique concerts in the wee gin bar.

But upstairs in Skylight is where the real party's at. Programmed year-round by Decagram, the mezzanine space provides excellent gig and club night opportunities. It's early days for Skylight, but after an excellent opening launch which featured the likes of Numbers are Futile, Heavy Pelvis and Unstable Creations, as well as the Wee Dub Festival programmed for Spring 2019, we're predicting big things. Watch this space.

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    179 Canongate
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