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Lothian Road | Edinburgh EH1 2EA
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Edinburgh's revamped Usher Hall on Lothian Road emerges from a second structural makeover, offering an ever-diverse collection of concerts ranging from orchestral to pop and rock. At the heart of the Edinburgh International Festival, the hall has remained a key venue for home grown and foreign acts alike over the last half century.

In Edinburgh's West End, Usher Hall originally since opened its doors on a relatively meagre budget of £100,000 (we DID say 'relatively') way back in 1896. With a new wing that reflects the tastes of contemporary design, an overhaul of technologies, and massively improved seating and physical access facilities, the Usher Hall has welcomed change where change was needed, whilst retaining the breathtaking circular architectural layout, domed ceiling and imposing, column-flanked entrance of old.

As the heart of the Edinburgh International Festival since its creation, the hall has been and remains a key venue for national and foreign orchestras. Yet the Usher Hall has also kept with the times, featuring Chuck Berry, Fleetwood Mac and none-other than the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972. Preaching a consistently variety-nurturing ethos, the Usher Hall programme is stuffed with consummate performers, from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra to Mogwai. Keep an eye on the listings for news of the latest events.

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    Usher Hall
    Lothian Road
    Edinburgh EH1 2EA

    Usher Hall

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