Richard Todd: We Need the Eggs

Past event at Pleasance Courtyard

Wed 01 Aug

Entry from £6

An artist draws the same image repeatedly with indomitable zeal. A convenience shopkeeper eschews convenience to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Chortle's One to Watch 2018, Richard Todd, returns to Edinburgh with a new show. Fools? Maybe! Obsessed? Certainly! Pension plans? Probably not. Let's meet them! In celebration of the human spirit, Richard Todd prods hope's perpetually moribund body with the indubitable stick of logic and asks 'why won't it die?'. 'Painfully funny' **** (Scotsman).

Pleasance Courtyard

Edinburgh EH8 9TJ

Pleasance Courtyard

To locals, Pleasance is the slightly sleepy venue which mostly holds roomfuls of university societies pract...
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