Marram and Owen Pallett's new video for 'With Us Instead'

Video | 28 Jan 2014

As mentioned in our introduction to last week's Cloud Sounds playlist, the Everything Is New Project is a charity initiative started by Transgressive North and Edinburgh band Marram to raise awareness and funds for disadvantaged children in India. They have released not one but two albums to raise money for the campaign - the first, BOATS, is a compilation featuring RustieSon Lux,DeerhoofFour Tet and many more. The second is Marram's debut album, Sun Choir, featuring guest vocalists, musicians and lyrical contributors such as Jarvis Cockerdoseone and Irvine Welsh

This week, Marram's track with Canadian multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Owen Pallett, previously known as Final Fantasy, gets a new video, featuring footage shot by Transgressive North on their trips to India. The track itself features complex instrumentation, drum 'n' bass-tinged percussion, and gentle vocals from Pallett backed by samples from an Indian children's choir the group met on their travels. You can watch a documentary about the Everything is New Project here, and buy yourself a copy of BOATS  and Sun Choir at the Trangressive North Bandcamp page