Limmy’s heading back to the BBC

... but it’s only for a one-off special of Limmy's Homemade Show

Article by Jamie Dunn | 21 Mar 2018
  • Limmy

It’s been five long years since Limmy's Show was on our TV screens, although the comedian continues to delight with his very specific brand of surreal, pitch black humour online.

His new crowfunded series was due to begin last year, but next month will see Limmy's Homemade Show hit BBC Two Scotland on 5 April. This one-off half-hour episode won't look all that different to the sketches he's been posting online, however, as it's been filmed in the same self-shot style. Speaking on his YouTube channel last year in comments reported by Chortle, Limmy explained that this one-off version of Limmy's Homemade Show on the BBC was filmed by him because the BBC were dragging their heels.

“It was taking so long,” he said, “so I just went ahead and filmed it.” The BBC weren’t over the moon with the scrappy images he came up with, but it’s these lo-fi sketches we’re going to see next month. “Any future episodes that might get made, I'm going to have to have a broadcast quality camera,” he added.

So what to expect from this new show? According to the British Comedy Guide, it’ll take Limmy “out and about in locations around his native Glasgow” and is “packed full of scenarios and observations which spring from his unique imagination”. We’re told this episode will be “punctuated by techno versions of familiar ditties” (fingers crossed his inspired remix of the Turkish Delight ad shows up) and it’ll feature Limmy’s trademark “musings which often seem to be rooted in the mundane – until the funnyman adds his own particular twists.”

While we’re sad not to be seeing a full return to characters like Falcolnhoof and Jacqueline McCafferty, it’s great to have Limmy back on our screens. Fingers crossed a full series follows.

Limmy's Home Made Show, BBC Two Scotland, 5 Apr, 10pm