Limmy's techno take on the 80s Turkish Delight ad

The anarchic genius turns the chocolate bar's cheesy advertising theme into a banging techno tune

Article by The Skinny | 10 Jan 2017
  • Limmy

Brian Limond aka Limmy likes Fry’s Turkish Delight, that bizarre-tasting purple jelly concoction that your mum used to ask you for whenever you were heading to the corner shop. In fact, the surreal comedian likes a Turkish Delight so much he’s created a banging techno tune in celebration of the treat’s iconic 80s advert.

Using the ad’s synth-and-panpipe tune that hints at the chocolate bar's “Eastern promise”, Limmy’s dance track comes studded with some rambling lyrics featuring the comedian’s musing on the merits of the confectionary treat – “I like Turkish Delight. A lot of people say, ‘aw, Turkish Delight, that’s disgusting. How can you eat that? It’s like eating perfume. It’s like eating old women’s perfume. How can you like that?’ But I like it” – before descending into a demented chorus where Limmy simply hums the advert’s tune.

Have a listen in the soundcloud player below and then take a look at the original ad for comparison. Here’s hoping you hear this on a dancefloor near you soon.