Orson - Bright Idea Single

Sugar-coated to beyond sickening and as safe as houses...

Single Review by Jon Seller | 16 May 2006
Single title: Bright Idea
Artist: Orson
Label: Mercury

Fresh from their all-conquering debut and with commercial radio stations the length and breadth of the UK firmly in their pockets, 2006's Maroon 5 return with their second sure-fire hit of the year. Sugar-coated to beyond sickening and as safe as houses, Bright Idea is probably not as offensive as No Tomorrow, just not much better, with little discernible sign of anything different from California's new favourite sons. The lyrics "here's my bright idea, I'll just disappear…" strike a certain chord, although this is perhaps a bit of a harsh wish. I'd be happy if they just quietened down for a bit. [Jon Seller]

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This single is out on May 15. http://www.orsonband.com