Courtney Barnett – Things Take Time, Take Time

Courtney Barnett's third album showcases a more intimate, pensive side to the Melbourne artist

Album Review by Jamie Wilde | 08 Nov 2021
  • Courtney Barnett - Things Take Time, Take Time
Album title: Things Take Time, Take Time
Artist: Courtney Barnett
Label: Marathon Artists
Release date: 12 Nov

Melbourne’s guitar queen Courtney Barnett was nothing short of majestic on her rendition of I’ll Be Your Mirror on the recently released Velvet Underground tribute album. So going into her third album, anticipation is understandably strong. Things Take Time, Take Time was recorded during lockdown at the tail end of last year. It’s infused with the self-reflectiveness we all encountered during these times, showing a more intimate side to Barnett than we’ve previously encountered.

Here’s the Thing echoes with quirky, Lump-like tones and introspective lyrics: 'I’m not afraid of heights / Maybe I’m just scared of falling', while Barnett’s acute observations of modern society blossom on album opener Rae Street: 'Time is money / And money is no man’s friend'. However, the album embodies the lethargy of its title towards its closing stages. Things start to feel monotonous and samey by If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight and Splendour and there’s none of the brazen intensity or deadpan delivery that graces Tell Me How You Really Feel to behold here, which is a shame.

But still, Barnett impresses on this album. Her lyricism still dazzles brighter than most, just more pensively this time around.

Listen to: Rae Street, Here’s the Thing