Great Scots: 2018 in Scottish Music

To celebrate the musical output of Scotland in 2018, we've put together a lovely end-of-year playlist featuring 100 of our favourite tracks across a multitude of genres. In short, you're welcome!

Feature by Tallah Brash | 21 Dec 2018

We’ve already celebrated our readers’ Top Ten Scottish Albums of the Year, but the sheer amount of quality music that has come out of Scotland this year goes well beyond just ten albums, so to celebrate we've compiled a wonderful list of Scottish music that we've enjoyed in 2018 – this includes everything from tracks from our ten favourite Scottish albums of the year, to tracks and music videoes we've premiered, to artists that have played Skinny-curated stages at the likes of Kelburn Garden Party, Hidden Door and the Alternative Peers' Ball throughout the year. There's also just some stuff in there that we've quite enjoyed this year but not necessarily covered.

Across a multitude of genres, our Great Scots 2018 playlist includes brilliant tunes from the likes of Kaputt, Savage Mansion, Chuchoter, Future Get Down, Franz Ferdinand, Lanark Artefax, Anna Meredith, Vital Idles, Shredd, Jacuzzi General, Auntie Flo, Walt Disco, Young Fathers, Broken Records, Martha Ffion, The Twilight Sad, Kathryn Joseph, Finiflex, Edwin Organ, Fistymuffs, Callum Easter and loads more – well 79 more to be exact. It's a veritable feast of audio delights, taking in techno, rock, electro, R'n'B, hip-hop, folk, classical and more; in short, it makes us downright proud to be Scottish. We suggest you pop it on shuffle and let the magic of the Scottish music scene wash over you; and hey, we're not saying you'll love everything, but we guarantee you'll find something new to love!

So here's to 2018; long may the creative musical juices of Scotland flow into 2019 and beyond.