Tupper Werewolf – Mouths (Track Premiere)

Listen to Mouths, the brand new Dan Deacon/Arab Strap-indebted single from Glasgow producer Tupper Werewolf

Article by Tallah Brash | 29 Jan 2020
  • Tupper Werewolf

Imagine if Aidan Moffat featured on a Dan Deacon track. It’d be pretty good, right? Well, imagine no more thanks to self-proclaimed “hyperactive electronic project” Tupper Werewolf (aka Gordon Barr). The Glasgow producer, who "exists with the intent to make adults dance like children", is here with his brand new single, Mouths.

Set for release on Friday 31 January as part of his brand new Flavour Country EP, a collection of ideas from the last 18 months, The Skinny are thrilled to be giving you the first listen to Mouths. Take a listen in the SoundCloud player (click here if it’s not displaying correctly).

“I’m not a singer,” Barr tells us, “but I really enjoy using a heavily affected version of my voice to add textures to music – it’s something I’ve previously made use of in my music. There are a couple of sounds on Mouths that I’ve tried to take to an extreme. I haven’t really released any Tupper Werewolf songs with ‘clear’ vocals before, but they exist on this track too. It’s more of a ‘spoken word’ kind of thing, that I felt might add to the song, despite my discomfort with it!”

Fully out of his comfort zone, Barr tells us about Mouths’ lyrical content: “I wrote the lyrics fairly recently. It was around the time it was announced that the UK government voted against a clause that would have required them to negotiate ongoing full membership of the Erasmus programme after Brexit. It got me thinking about a few old friends that came to Scotland from France through this programme, and what an awful shame it would be if a door was closed on exchange programmes like this which help to create international friendships. The song recalls a few stories about them.”

He adds: “Musically, it’s a fairly twitchy song, with pretty busy drum patterns (I love hearing bands with two drummers playing together). I enjoy trying to use fairly dodgy sounding replications or samples of ‘world instruments’ that you find in old keyboards and the like. The arpeggiated riff started life as a digital replication of an adungu (a Ugandan harp).”

Tupper Werewolf launches his brand new Flavour Country EP with a party at Nice 'n' Sleazy in Glasgow this Friday (31 Jan), alongside friends Slime City, Raza and The Serious Adults, with his own set being accompanied by live visuals from Video Namaste. As the EP is a digital only release, on the night you’ll be able to get a download code from the side of a limited batch of hot sauce that Barr is making especially for the show. And from a look on his socials, he’s also made an equally delicious run of neon tie-dye T-shirts.

Mouths and Flavour Country are both released on 31 Jan; Tupper Werewolf plays Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow, 31 Jan