Tallisker – Blind (YUMYUM live session): Video Premiere

Watch the live session for Blind by French electronic musician Tallisker, recorded at Glasgow's Flat 0/1

Video by Music Team | 06 Feb 2019

French electronic musician Eléonore Mélisande – who performs under the very Scottish sounding moniker Tallisker – is signed to Glasgow-based, Paris-founded label YUMYUM Records. Mélisande released Blind, the first single from her forthcoming album Contrepoints, last November and has now recorded a special live session version of the song in Glasgow’s Flat 0/1 with her band. The Skinny are delighted to be premiering this new session version, which you can check out in the above YouTube player (click here if it’s not displaying correctly).

Of the single, Mélisande tells us: "Blind is of course a love song. It's about inner faith, self-confidence and readiness for expansion. More specifically, Blind captures and describes that moment when you feel ready to take a relationship to a higher level of intensity or trust. It's quite a universal and ageless feeling. Everyone is confronted by love dilemmas at every step of their lives. It could be initiating the first kiss as a teenager or overcoming a couple's crisis after 40 years of marriage. These are sacred moments where big decisions happen.

"When you want something you only have two options: escape the situation or cross the line," she continues. "We often make the decision of escaping crisis and dilemmas because our society is polluted with fear, morals and guilt. These are inherited by family values or induced by radical ideologies or politics. But you will never reach the next step if you don't embrace the situation and endanger yourself a little.

"I would encourage anyone to take a chance and take the risk to get what they want – as long as no one gets hurt. It's understandable to be scared of the unknown but it's insane to stay within one's comfort zone forever. The unknown is exciting. Don't think too much and make the decision of courage. It's never an easy task, so sometimes you should just blind yourself and move on. The best scenario is to make amazing things happen. The worst scenario is to feel rejected or misunderstood, but you will also learn from that experience. This is also a movement of expansion, a dynamic of progress.

"If you look more closely to the music video, Blind is also a declaration of love to Glasgow,” Mélisande explains of her relationship with Glasgow. “I am French but my record label, YUMYUM Records, is located in Glasgow so I spend a lot of time there to write and record my new songs. Glasgow and Glasgow people inspire me so much! I have an intense love-hate relationship with Paris and France in general while I have always felt home and cosy in Glasgow. It's a very peaceful and vibrant environment to create. It made sense to film the music video across Glasgow and to organise the live session within a very emblematic place of Glasgow nightlife – Flat 0/1.

"More generally, Blind is a single that I wrote very spontaneously in the middle of a rich and complex creative process. I am currently working on my debut album Contrepoints which involves recording in France, Iran and the USA. It requires a lot of organisation, preparation and networking. I think I unconsciously needed a break from this and I indulged in writing a plain pop and cheesy song, quite out of the blue. I am thrilled that the track reached 100k streams on Spotify and that The Skinny is now premiering the live session. It is, again, another proof that Glasgow – Scotland in general – is a land of plenty for worldwide artists."

Blind is out now via YUMYUM Records