Rachel Jack – Warrior (track premiere)

Listen to Warrior, the brand new single from Aberdeen singer-songwriter Rachel Jack

Feature by Tallah Brash | 16 Mar 2021
  • Rachel Jack

On Thursday Aberdeen’s Rachel Jack will release her Magazine Girls EP, the follow-up to her debut, The Calgary Tapes, opting for a more pop-focused approach this time around. Tackling the dark side of the music industry, as the title alludes, Jack's titular track takes aim at unrealistic and potentially damaging beauty standards in magazines that young girls often aspire to. 

But the EP goes deeper than that, as Jack finds strength in a world of misogyny, tackling bullying and harassment, something that goes way beyond the unrelenting world of the music industry, as we have so brutally been reminded this past week.

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering Warrior, the final track to be released from Magazine Girls, which you can listen to in the below SoundCloud player (click here if it’s not displaying correctly).

“Warrior was produced by my former classmate and now friend Andrew Samson, aka Dunt,” Jack tells us. “We met at uni not long after I'd quit a long-term career to make room for my dream of being a singer-songwriter. I was quite naive in that I thought I was going to be welcomed into a music community full of like-minded people, a space where I'd finally feel like I fitted in. But I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, it felt like I was only welcome if I would do exactly what people told me to do for the benefit of their particular agenda. They didn't like if I asked questions and spoke to me in ways I'd never dream of speaking to people.

“Warrior is a song about recognising those people for what they are – bullies." Jack continues: "It's about knowing that even though it's so unfair that everything has to feel like a fight, those people don't know me, they just think they do. I've been through worse and I always come out stronger on the other side.”

Magazine Girls is released on 18 Mar