Kohla – S/he (Track Premiere)

Listen to S/he, the debut single from new Edinburgh artist Kohla

Feature by Music Team | 29 Nov 2018

Last summer we premiered the music video for Rachel Alice Johnson’s single I Won’t Remember You, a dark and moody groove with a full band sound. Following on from a vocal injury at the end of last year, Johnson has turned to a more electronic solo project, adopting the name Kohla.

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering S/he, the debut single from Kohla, which you can listen to in the below SoundCloud player (click here if you can't see a SoundCloud player on this page).

“I'm so ecstatic to debut Kohla – my electronic / alternative R’n’B solo project,” Johnson tells us. “After suffering a vocal injury last November, I've spent time exploring diverse music genres, leading me to experiment with a new sonic template. The art of learning production has given me the ability to curate each and every sound in my work, which has been eye-opening as a songwriter.

“Kohla blends my natural style of jazzy piano ballads with an electronic nature similar to that of Banks, James Blake and Lorde: exhibiting a sound that is contemporary, dark and minimal. Grey-area R’n’B is the fundamental inspiration; where the pace slows down and a song's space becomes its focal point.

“S/he was actually only written a few days before I was booked in to a studio. I had a stack of demos to potentially record, but the song's lyrical bluntness intrigued me; I knew my producer, Dave (Lost Oscillation/Stillhound), could accentuate it with his crisp and sharp production.

“My manager Evie Nicolaides has also been a crucial element in the development and presentation of Kohla, with more exciting releases planned for 2019.”

S/he is self-released on 30 Nov