Graham Costello's STRATA – _59 (Video Premiere)

Filmed live at The Tolbooth in Stirling, watch the video for _59 by Graham Costello's STRATA

Video by Music Team | 06 Nov 2018

Based in Glasgow, it’s been quite the couple of years for Graham Costello’s STRATA. Since February 2017 the jazz collective have been honing their sound with a monthly residency at Bloc+, and 2018 has seen them go from strength to strength with a number of festival appearances, as well as receiving nominations in two categories at the Scottish Jazz Awards: Best Band/Ensemble and Best Album for their STRATA EP. The band’s composer and drummer, Graham Costello, also picked up a nomination in the Best Instrumentalist category.

Engineered by Stevie Cossar and filmed, mixed and edited by Gus Stirrat and his team, the sextet are set to release a live concert EP on 16 November. The final tune to be taken from this recording is a further developed version of _59, from their 2016 STRATA EP, which The Skinny are delighted to be premiering in the above YouTube player (click here if it’s not displaying properly).

"Before studying jazz," Costello tells us, "my background was in the Scottish independent scene playing music ranging from noise rock to electronic krautrock, so my music and STRATA as a whole are about fusing the two worlds together: the energy of the indie scene meets the improvisation of jazz, all under the umbrella of minimalism.

"This single/video is for the last tune that appears on our live concert EP, which was one free-flowing performance from start to finish. I feel this video in particular sums up a lot of what STRATA are about: a vast dynamic range, interlocking and complex grooves, and knowing when to be disciplined and when to let loose. We’re into performing with energy from all ranges of the spectrum and never shy away from playing immensely quiet or noisy – everything is covered."

Graham Costello's STRATA release their live concert EP on 16 Nov; their debut full length album, OBELISK, is due in February 2019; Graham Costello's STRATA play Bloc+, Glasgow, 6 Nov; Dundee Jazz Festival, Dundee, 14 Nov; The Blue Arrow, Glasgow, 16 Nov; Bloc+, Glasgow, 18 Dec