Bossy Love – Up All Over Me (Video Premiere)

Watch the new video – shot in the Cairngorms on the Winter Solstice – for Up All Over Me from Glasgow duo Bossy Love whose debut EP Whiplash is out today

Video by Music Team | 18 Jan 2019

Long-time firm faves of ours, Bossy Love are releasing their debut EP Whiplash today (hooray!) and to add to the celebrations they’re also putting out the excellent video for insta-banger and EP opener Up All Over Me. The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the video, which you can watch in the above YouTube player (click here if it's not displaying correctly) and have an exclusive Q&A with frontwoman Amandah Wilkinson where she tells us all about the song's inception, the idea behind the video and all about what went wrong on the day of the shoot.

The Skinny: What's the song about?
Wilkinson: “Up All Over Me is about feeling the weight of resentment in a relationship that is so close to the heart. It’s about not understanding the actions of the other person and wanting to feel acceptance, but realising the only way you will get that is if you let go of the relationship completely.”

Where did the idea for the video come from and why did you decide to film it in the Cairngorms on the Winter Solstice?
"The visual idea came when I was listening back to the finished version of the track. The idea of stringing along this heavy baggage in the cold and in solitude – that was the visual interpretation of what it felt like. When I was writing this song I was hurt and angry. There’s a lot of sadness in the verses and anger in the choruses, playing off the whole "hot 'n' cold" theme. The Cairngorms landscape can appear so alien at times and there were plenty of different textures to work with in those mountains, also it was so quiet.

"We didn’t mean to film it on Winter Solstice – the shoot date just happened to fall on that day making the atmosphere slightly more eerie to be honest!"

It looks absolutely freezing in the video – how hard was it to shoot in those conditions?
"It was very, very cold. I had thermals on and definitely had to keep moving so my hands and feet didn’t freeze. At the same time, I managed to keep warm because I was actually pulling the sled and the rope was very heavy, so it was a real workout."

Did anything go wrong on the day of the shoot?
"We shot it on film, which meant you don’t really have room for error. So we had to rehearse each section before recording. The "snow" was actually ice and on a severely tilted angle. Everybody on the shoot fell down the mountain at least three times each. Haha. Which just meant you had to climb back up, reset and start again. Two of us also nearly fell in a river while trying to cross it and I winded myself twice from falling and landing badly. I left the shoot frozen to the bone and covered in bruises, but it was definitely an adventure!"

Whiplash is self-released and out now; buy it from

Bossy Love play Mac Arts, Galashiels, 1 Feb (with Edwin Organ) and Stereo, Glasgow, 2 Feb (with Free Love)