Black Tiles – Leave (Track Premiere)

Listen to Leave, the brand new single from Aberdeen post-punks Black Tiles

Article by Tallah Brash | 18 Mar 2020
  • Black Tiles

We came across Aberdeen post-punks Black Tiles earlier in the year when we serendipitously stumbled upon their 2019 banger Dead Girls. Dripping in attitude, it’s the kind of track that bulges with so much ear-pleasing riffery and screamed lyrics, it makes you want to rip off your shirt and mosh around your kitchen unabated.

We’re delighted, then, to bring you their latest single in the form of Leave, which sees frontwoman Tilly O’Connor seriously channeling No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani, and we can’t get enough. It also seems like a pretty apt time for this release – as everyone starts to self-isolate and work from home where they can, many of us could find this a soothing anthem as we all join in with the chorus: ‘I wanna leeeeeeeave’. Listen to Leave in the below SoundCloud player or click here if it’s not displaying correctly.

Of the track, O’Connor tells us: “We didn’t realise until quite late in the game that the song shared its name with the pro-Brexit camp. What’s ironic is I am very political and have written political songs in the past, but Leave is mostly nonsense, albeit with erotic undertones.”

She continues: “I’ve been calling it an Ode to Lust (sorry Beethoven). It’s fizzy and a bit frantic in the same way that your brain can be when you’re thinking about that sort of thing. It’s full of promises and things you’d never really say. In one of the verses I’ve tried to make the gross pick-up line ‘I’d drink your bathwater’ sound poetic. I like the idea of taking something quite crass and hiding it behind flowery, romantic language. Also it’s funny to me.

"Musically, it really came together when I started pulling things out of the arrangement. Most of the verses are just vocal bass and drums. It’s stripped so bare that it really gets under your skin. We took cues from the great 90s sleaze merchants Suede and Pulp and in the studio we were listening to a lot of Sorry and Cherry Glazerr. Their influences are dotted all over it like lipstick marks.”

Finally, O'Connor adds: "The artwork and promo stuff was done by a graphic designer friend of ours Ellis Doyle (@ellis_gd). She really blew us away with this one. It fits so well."

Leave is released on 20 Mar; pre-save on Spotify here and Apple Music here