Hailey Beavis – Stranger Inside (Video Premiere)

Watch the video for Stranger Inside, the brand new single from Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Hailey Beavis

Video by Tallah Brash | 07 Jan 2020

“This EP marks the beginning of being the full version of myself."

As well as being one half of the power duo behind OK PAL Records, like her best friend Faith Eliott who she runs the label with, Edinburgh-based Norfolkian Hailey Beavis is also a talented singer-songwriter in her own right. After years of graft on the local music scene, this month will finally see Beavis release her debut EP.

Recorded with Pete Harvey (Modern Studies, Paul Vickers and the Leg) at his Pumpkinfield Studio near Perth, Whatever You Feel I Do Too is due via OK PAL on 17 January; its lead single Stranger Inside being the first glimmer of hope for another knockout year in Scottish music.

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the single’s gorgeous music video, shot by Mario Cruzado and directed by Cruzado alongside Beavis and Eliott. You can watch the video in the YouTube player above – click here if it’s not displaying correctly.

“For this video I essentially wanted to shamelessly romp and frolic around a big empty space,” Beavis tells us of the ideas behind Stranger Inside's very beautiful but very minimalistic video. “The song is hinged on two very conflicting emotional states when you’re on the very cusp of letting something go. And what better way to express that juxtaposition between the lightness in giving up and that desperate need to hold on than by making some moody shapes and flinging oneself around?

“There is a joy I feel and wanted to express outwardly, but to myself as well,” she continues. “This EP marks the beginning of being the full version of myself. It takes effort to cross that line. Stranger Inside is about that surprisingly relentless and resilient part of you that keeps on spinning even though you may feel world-weary and cynical. Craig’s rapid whirling just seems to convey that essence. I love that we cocooned this whole concept in one room for the video. There is no distraction from the message.

“The star of the video is without question my talented young friend Craig. He loves spinning and it’s such a beautiful sight to behold. I had never seen anyone move with such natural power and balance until I saw Craig spinning about a decade ago. I asked if he would spin in a music video for me one day and we have been talking about it ever since. I’m so glad the day has finally arrived!”

Cruzado adds: “I think that seeing Craig spinning in the church hall with such abandon, as if he were almost possessed, is what roots the video. He plays a sort of counterpart to Hailey’s performance. Whether she’s moving or stationary, he’s the only constant throughout.”

Beavis continues: “Lovers In the Parking Lot by Solange is up there for me as one of the most enthralling music videos – it’s serious fun,” she says of one of her inspirations. “I can imagine a lot was left to chance and unscripted, and that energy is so exciting. Watching someone interact like that within a space is cool and yes, I am always thinking of Solange either when I’m on the dancefloor or buying some bread in my dressing gown.

“Between Mario, Faith and I, we kept things pretty loose. I had the concept and we made the decision to not change the space at all. Faith got really good at directing shots, and Mario is a pro at capturing the gold. Sadly, the only thing he failed to capture is when I tripped over the chair I was trying to leap over and hit the deck with the chair on top of me. What a wee shame.”

Whatever You Feel I Do Too is released on 17 Jan via OK PAL Records; Hailey Beavis plays Traverse Bar Cafe, Edinburgh, 25 Jan