All I See Is An Empty Circle – Midnight Rugs (Video Premiere)

Filmed at the Pianodrome, Leith Theatre and The Forge, watch the video for Midnight Rugs by Edinburgh's All I See Is An Empty Circle

Video by Tallah Brash | 25 Mar 2020

Edinburgh’s All I See Is An Empty Circle are five friends who have been making instrumental music together since 2015. Their latest single, Midnight Rugs, starts off as a beautiful piano lament, lulling you into a false sense of security before it explodes into big guitar licks, fuzzy riffs and pounding drums. With notes of psychedelia and math rock throughout, it strikes a fine balance between soft and hard and is a real ride of a track that's oozing with emotion.

“This track is an absolute joy to smash through,” bassist Oliver Entwisle enthusiastically tells us. “It's got so many faces, passing through super-serious-face, extra-serious-face, heavy-and-slow-face, suddenly a clearing-of-the-clouds-face, a pensive face, then a manic speedy face. We really enjoy playing it. 

"It's kind of about escapism from real life, and that could be happy or sad. We've gone for more sad and angry, but within that there is still joy. The piano riff that's most of the way through says ‘keep grinding away and you'll be lost forever’, ‘you'll never escape’, that kind of thing. All of the band work in various jobs that can be very difficult to get away from, so the music is a massive form of expression and escape for us.”

On the ideas behind the video, he continues: “I usually struggle with conceptualising videos, because for me music generally seems to surpass visuals. However, when we had the opportunity to use such amazing spaces as Leith Theatre, the ridiculously cool Pianodrome, and The Forge, we had to make it work.”

The Skinny are delighted to be premiering the music video for Midnight Rugs which you can watch in the above YouTube player (click here if it’s not displaying correctly). “Our good friend Ray Kane directed, filmed and edited the music video for this,” the band’s guitarist Eddie Pace tells us. “Having made all the band’s videos up to this point it was really interesting for me to see how a professional approaches it.”

He continues: “Having the use of the incredible Pianodrome space was a rare opportunity – it was really intense making sure we got all the shots we wanted but it was so much fun. We do a lot of stuff ourselves and I like being heavily involved in the production. The recording of Midnight Rugs was also done with a very close friend (Joe Matthews), so I’m really proud of how the whole final piece has turned out. It’s an epic song that’s really enjoyable to play – so it's great that it has an equally epic music video.”