You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Feature by The Ultimate Dancer | 19 Aug 2011
  • Ultimate Dancer

Dance lovers, dance haterz - Ultimate Dancer has got some mad information for you! As a self-nominated facilitator of grand and particular knowledge, I will now take the responsibility to present to you the reasons to why we need to question and criticize dance as an art form.
We are at a pivotal point in history when dance critics in close fellowship with a few chosen ones enhance preconceived ideas about dance whilst other choreographers simultaneously deconstruct them.
Dance does not have a fixed identity but the lack of communication and critical interaction between performers, choreographers, audience and critics will keep dance static, removing its very essence. WE are the ultimate reason to why dance remains boring and not a world-dominating platform that will change humanity. The time has come for us to unite and take over! Through the process of questioning art we question the obvious, stereotypical and safe in life.
Some people say; who wants a revolution when we can be safe? Ultimate Dancer says; how do we know that our normative functions are really the most beneficial for us as human beings? The art of dance can only develop and become more exciting, inclusive and engaging through an informative and critical dialogue. In questioning dance and our expectations of it, we can create dance that corresponds to what we need in our daily life.
Who decides what are the most beneficial dance shows for us to see? Can we trust that this authority will provide us with the information we need? What long-term effect will it have on us as human beings to watch specific shows? Can we trust the authority to have “good taste”? Who reviews the critics? Is art creating the society we want to live in? Do we want to be told what to like? Do you trust the Ultimate Dancer?
Dance can be a platform to generate creative discourse on larger than life matters and not drown in the post-traumatic-stress-syndrome that all art has already been done. We should all know that there is no such thing as original dance, but surely if it’s all over, there is nothing left to challenge and the penultimate dancers wins. I don’t think so! Now let’s forget everything we know about dance and have a mind-fucking, dance-altering dialogue!