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THE SKINNY: October 2018

Dundee Special, Make-That-A-Take Records, Rachel Maclean, Graphic Design Festival Scotland, Cora Bissett, Edinburgh Horror Festival, The Black Madonna, Hanif Abdurraqib, Dane Baptiste, Swearin', Marie Davidson and more...


One of the most important lessons a person can learn is that things are never as simple as they seem. Move a dish from the cupboard, all your pans come crashing down; save a wounded bee, it pollinates a plant which sparks your hay fever and next thing you know you and your bike are lying sniffling upside down in a ditch. Life, it turns out, is pretty complicated.

So when we wanted to shine a light on Dundee, we aimed to acknowledge that complexity while also joining the welcome chorus of people saying things like ‘Isn’t Dundee nice?’ and ‘I feel bad now for having given Dundee the brush-off a bit in the past but I promise not to do so in the future’. The catalyst for this, of course, is the V&A Dundee – a thick slab of neo-Brutalist architecture that somehow manages to hide from view until you get up close. Now the V&A is, by all accounts, a lovely building filled with nice artistic things (your editor tried to go, but wind got in the way; more on that later). But for this month’s cover spot, we take something of a sidestep around Kengo Kuma’s house of design to explore some of the other things that make Dundee great.

We talk to DIY punk promoters Make-That-A-Take about their shows which combine grassroots music with an activist edge, an edge that’s also on display in Cora Bissett’s revival of Gregory Burke’s Gagarin Way along at the Rep. There’s a look at the exciting Dundee food and drink scene, and some inspiring words from craft brewers 71 Brewing; we also talk to the artists, educators and curators on the ground in the city’s art scene about provision and opportunity. One of those interviewees – Tin Roof Studios founder Joanna Helfer. The business that took over Tin Roof’s former home – 71 Brewing. Like we said, complicated.

Elsewhere, Film brings us chats with two purveyors of starkly-coloured and solidly terrifying cinematic treats – Panos Costamos, who pairs a vengeful Nic Cage with a tiger in Mandy, and Rachel Maclean, artist, filmmaker and long-time Friend of the Mag who discusses her debut feature Make Me Up. Music talks to Fucked Up and Marie Davidson (both Canadian, both cheesed-off, both making some of the best music of their careers) as well as catching up with Pavement frontman and everyone’s favourite cool indie uncle Stephen Malkmus. We’re also pleased to announce our involvement with the Alternative Peers’ Ball in Edinburgh next month, with a line-up curated by this very publication. 3 Nov, two stages, nine bands, all of the fun – come and join us!

The musical theme continues in Books, where we chat to the incredible poet and writer Hanif Abdurraqib about his new collection of writing on music, while Richie Hawtin shares his feelings on tech in music (and the power of a good glass of sake) back in Clubs. Festival season’s autumn redux continues apace with Scotland Loves Anime, Africa in Motion, Graphic Design Festival Scotland and Edinburgh Horror Festival, so naturally we wrote about them all. Oh, and it’s happy birthday to the Filmhouse – the venerable Edinburgh institution hits the big 4-0 this month. We’d bring a cake, but we’ve been around long enough – and seen enough Laurel and Hardy films – to know that a plan like that only ever ends one way. [Peter Simpson]


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