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THE SKINNY: November 2018

At the time of writing, there’s a bit of a stink kicking up about Donald Trump’s former campaign boss Steve Bannon. Having crapped all over journalism through his work at Breitbart News, and set the wheels in motion to get an authoritarian shitbag into the White House, his next move is to try and tie together all of Europe’s right-wing populist movements into one big movement. Naturally, he’s called it The Movement, because that’s the right wing’s sense of artistry for you. Of course, the best thing to do with dangerous far-right folk is to legitimise them and give them a prominent platform, which I assume is the thinking behind Bannon’s invite to a media conference in Edinburgh this month. Organisers say he’s an important figure in current affairs; I say fuck this guy and the horse he rode in on. Bad shit is kicking off all over the world, and inviting the architects of that bad shit to sit in comfy chairs and explain why they’re so clever is not a good idea. He’s set to appear at the EICC on 14 November, where I expect his free speech to be met with other people’s free speech loudly describing how much of a wanker he is.

Anyway, apologies for the rant; let’s get on with the show, beginning in the middle of the magazine with the snow-capped return of our Adventure guide. It hits all the key winter touchstones – skiing, walking up hills, sliding around on big bits of ice, climbing of various kinds – and hopefully it inspires you to get out there and do some ‘venturing. If nothing else, there are some lovely snow-capped vistas to look at, so everybody wins.

Moving on to slightly lower ground, Collective Gallery throws its doors open once again this month in its new home on Calton Hill. The gallery’s a key part of Edinburgh’s art ecosystem, and the pleasing news from our chat with some of those most involved in the project is that they’re sticking to their mission to facilitate artistic expression rather than dictate to it, despite their swanky new digs. Essentially, they haven’t been ‘all Edinburgh about it’.

In music we talk to Glasgow DIY supergroup Hairband, catch up with ‘punk witches’ Dream Nails ahead of their spot at Book Yer Ane Fest in Dundee at the end of the month, and Sunflower Bean chat about making music in Trump’s America. There’s also a look at the ever-growing legacy of Kathleen Hanna as the riot grrrl singer, writer and activist reaches the big five-oh (happy birthday Kathleen!) and a retrospective on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Some of the office have tickets for her show at the Hydro, so Lauryn, if you’re reading, please try to start on time.

In film we talk to David Mackenzie and Chris Pine about Outlaw King, their Robert the Bruce biopic for Netflix, and Paul Dano takes his expressive, extremely-character-actor face behind the camera for his fantastic directorial debut Wildlife. Also, Nae Pasaran! director Felipe Bustos Sierra talks about the documentary, which tells the story of how an organised boycott by factory workers in Scotland hobbled a violent fascist regime on the other side of the world. HMM, THAT SEEMS LIKE A TIMELY MESSAGE.

Elsewhere there’s the scoop on new books from a pair of funny fellas in Chris McQueer and Robin Ince, a second look at the world of Craft in Scotland, and previews of Platform’s Eastern Promise weekender and this year’s French Film Festival programme. Our top pick is Christophe Honore’s new film Sorry Angel; catch his tender study of 1990s Paris at GFT on 12 Nov and DCA on 16 Nov. Speaking of ‘things we’ve picked’, you should join us at the Alternative Peers Ball at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh on 3 Nov. It’s a two-room selection of some of our favourite bands, including Kobi Onyame, Bossy Love and The Spook School as well as headliners Fatherson and The Xcerts. It will be a lovely evening, so you should come along. Go on, it’ll be fun. [Peter Simpson]


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