Transmission @ Versatile Beings

Feature by Mark Harding | 07 Aug 2011


This piece, blurring the lines between dance, performance art, audience and choreographer was shown at the Versatile Beings preview only. Wii motion controllers were fixed to the dancer's arms and the movements triggered different soundscapes (a thunderstorm, the wind, a conversation, music). The audience were invited to physically move the dancers to create different sounds, or to trigger improvised movement. In effect, the audience became the choreographers and composers.

At the end of the group dance the motion controllers were given directly to members of the audience, which were used to direct improvisations by David Ang. There was a lot of laughter. At the end of the show, the audience had a spell at wearing the controllers, leading to the unusual sight of exhibition attendees prancing around the gallery pulling shapes.


Versatile Beings, Art's Complex, London Road