The Two Wrongies @ Assembly

It's not right but it's good

Feature by Gareth K Vile | 18 Aug 2011
  • The Two Wrongies @ Assembly

Now that New Art Club are too old to dance, there is a chance for the young contenders of physical theatre to claim the top dance-based intelligent comedy spot. The Two Wrongies makes a determined bid – the ballet parody is both smart and crude, appealing to the cognoscenti and the shallow – and the two women are clearly at the start of a long, successful partnership.

Sharing a confident feminist strength with last year's burlesque acrobatic champions The Wau Wau Sisters, The Two Wrongies follows a sketch format. The highlight is, inevitably, the naked synchronised swimming routine; elsewhere, their roots in live art are softened by a smart cabaret aesthetic. The video sequences are less effective, stretching a joke further than a dancer's lunge, but the children's sex-education project, when the Wrongies become a massive cock and fanny, leaping into each other with the fervour of a Bolshoi pas de deux, is a grand finale.

The Two Wrongies are what burlesque could have become if it hadn't become buried beneath costumes and vintage parody: satirical, witty, sometimes confusing and most certainly uncanny.


until 28 Aug 2011, 10.30pm