The Last Trilogy @ Zoo Southside

Sexy - and thoughtful

Feature by Nick Manderson | 25 Aug 2011
  • The Last Trilogy @ Zoo Southside

The Last Trilogy brought to Edinburgh by Spencer Maybe is a real piece of cabaret. The show is in a real cabaret setting with small tables and bar alongside. Spencer Maybe's onstage characters cover a range of indulgences and vices.

Unlike many neo-burlesque acts, Maybe is not afraid to tackle tough material. Addressing the issues of environmental; destruction and the late career of a fading rock star, Maybe harnesses a rare sexual energy - at least for burlesque - to a strong songwriting ability and a charismatic stage presence. 

Spencer Maybe is an excellent show man. The characters he creates onstage are full and intricate, his transformation into them complete and unquestionable. The musical numbers hook you in, and the vocals are second to none.

The one downside of this particular show, on this one occasion, was certain members of the audience. If you choose to come along to a cabaret show getting into the spirit and following the world the artists creates is the least you should do. Unfortunately, one audience member proactively choose not to join in and get in the spirit. Throwing your drink over the performer is an unacceptable behaviour!

However, where other performers would be completely thrown by such negativity and childish actions, Spencer Maybe proved himself to be the pinnacle of professionalism. Unflinchingly he dealt with this ludicrous audience member, maintaining the character without even a quiver of self-doubt: a spectacular performer with an excellent show.


28 August @ Zoo Southside, 8.45pm (1 hr)