The Caroline Carter Show @ Zoo

Rhinestone country hussy

Feature by Nick Manderson | 28 Aug 2011

The Caroline Carter Show is an comedy retelling of the adventures (and possibly misadventures) of Caroline Carter as she tours the cities and backwaters of Britain. Like many story tellers who have gone before, Carter regails the audience with unexpected musical tales of the UK's more unlikely offerings.

The country, folksy duo of Caroline and Barney (who provides accompaniment on guitar) has a comfortable momentum. The western styling carries through the music, akin to the progress of an old rail road train travelling through America's midwest. This may sound mundane but it is not. This is the key to the unusual source of punch lines, initially you ask yourself "Can I laugh at this?" Before long you can't help but laugh.

The second part of the show gains more pace as the audience relaxes into Caroline's style. The appearance of the complimentary booze wagon - a hilarious and unexpected interlude - blurs the divide between audience and performer. Caroline's onstage musical partner Barney share an exclusive comedic irony with the show's audience, the nuance of which produces a constant simmering ripple of laughter that spikes to full boil with every quiet knowing nod.

Featuring by far one of the more interesting endings to a comedic show, even after exiting the venue the audience is quite happy to sit and laugh as the gag smoulders on.

26-29 August @ Zoo, 9.15pm (1 hr)