The Agent Ria @ Sweet

Four different takes on our notion of Myth

Feature by Rebecca Paul | 26 Aug 2011

The Agent Ria
explores the notion of mythology through four startlingly different short films. The notion of mythology is treated as a broad concept and one worthy of contemplation.

The Agent Ria is odd to watch and digest; Sweet is a video mix-up of a band playing in a bar layered with voices, a disco ball and people dancing. Our Land is filmed in the former Guinness family estate where two actors talk about the estate’s history weaving it with war, football and ethnicity. Mystical Anarchism is an interesting short and demands a great deal of concentration. A secret midnight event is held where a philosopher recounts an ancient work which claims annihilation of the soul is necessary for the much elusive divine glory. This short is eerie, persuasive and even whimsical in places. The final piece, Last Man, shows a seemingly disused airport terminal with a lone cleaner making his rounds.

The shorts modulate from oddly interesting to seemingly vacuous, using the term ‘myth’ loosely. Together, the pieces make an effort to evaluate the different strands of mythology from stereotypes to belief and personal legacy.

This is a pensive piece and everyone will leave with a different perspective on what they have seen. You may not come away thinking you really enjoyed it but you will undoubtedly leave thinking...

run ended