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Evocative Indian dance

Feature by Daph Karoulla | 26 Aug 2011

Classical Indian dance and the exuberant costume that accompanies it are brought to centre stage by Scottish-based company Dance Ihayami in Moving On.

Dance Ihayami have it right; you don't have to know anything about Indian culture to appreciate the way they move. Intricate hand motions accompany footwork which alternates between gliding and stomping to the pleasant jingle of anklet bells. The latter is strongly reminiscent of flamenco dancers vehemently tapping their heels to the beat of a song.

They also perform a piece while perched atop brass plates, amusingly similar to the pattering rhythm of a geisha's walk.

The choreography by Priya Shrikumar and Jayan Kumar is quite literally a living piece of art. It is elaborate; yet nonetheless appears perfectly simple since the dancers execute it with remarkable ease.

Director Krish Shrikumar's film Seeing Differently gives an insight into the mind of an Indian dancer in training. Dance in the film is reflected or amplified by the dance on stage which makes for a show that is intelligent as well as visually appealing.

Ladies and gents, I give you Dance Ihayami - classical Indian dance at its most beautiful as it merges captivating concepts from multiple art forms.

Until 27 Aug, 21.45

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