Men Avoid Jars

It's Fringe FUN

Article by Betty Lightbulb | 08 Aug 2011

We Are A Real Theatre Company ironically claim that they "are now qualified to perform theatre": certainly at the Edinburgh Fringe – this performance being so in the spirit of the Fringe as to be ridiculous, analogous to the sheer ridiculousness and absurdity of this work. Their premise: to turn ritual on its head via visual and musical composition, deconstructing all that theatre tries to be, in an absurd and surreal format. The surreality contrasts the reality of the company’s name and James Hodgson and Ivor Houlker perform as themselves in a classic "live art" style.

Men Avoid Jars
takes place in a genuine retro lecture theatre, offering a gladiator-esque perspective for the audience to gaze down on the religious spectacle unfolding. An order of service is provided, from Parodos – the entry of the Greek chorus (in fact Hodgson on homemade roller skates) – and Tuna to Golf for Musical Theatre lovers and audience involvement and manipulation in Rolf.

Hodgson and Houlker construct singing, puppetry, tin foil costuming, precarious entrances, cheese as transubstantiation, anthem and tea bags around a sacramental performative arc that is decidedly non-narrative yet makes some kind of absurd logic. Totally Fringe-y: praised be to Mill!

Men Avoid Jars We Are A Real Theatre Company


6-12 Aug 2011, 6.30pm (50mins), £5