Panto for adults?

Feature by Victoria McGilp | 18 Aug 2011
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One of the most satisfying aspects of the largest arts festival in Europe is that it promotes an abundance of new and raw talent. The Fringe has always made welcome those who have a dream and the energy and conviction to make it a reality. Shows need not be big in budget or in a specific genre as so long as there is passion and creativity there will be an audience worthy of its attention.

One such production is Mammy ,a play which combines drama with quick wit, physical comedy and a even a spot of tap dancing. The story, performed by an all female cast, is of Mammy, who after providing for her four, now grown, daughters is seeking a new role in life – that of a woman in love.

Her daughters, however, each with wildly different but equally captivating personalities discourage and mock her attempts to find love on dating websites - preferring her to stay in the role of put-upon mum.

The close-knit team has worked hard to bring this story to life and it has paid off for them with the audience thoroughly enjoying the energy and the quick wit of the cast. Their friendliness endeared them to their audience making their attempts at audience participation work effortlessly.

Particular mention is given to Anna Devitt, a Scoty Finalist in 2009 and Lee Mack All Star Cast Crown Owner who got the party started with the best of Glaswegian banter and wound up the production leaving audience members smiling at the memories. This may be their debut show at The Fringe but it is unlikely to be their last.


Cowgate (Free Fringe) Until 28 Aug 2011, 5pm