I Hope My Heart Goes First @ St George's

Young love's sweet dream.

Feature by Julie Macfarlane | 16 Aug 2011
  • I hope my heart goes first

I Hope my Heart Goes First is an energetic examination of love in its many guises. The piece, devised and performed by Tramway’s youth theatre group Junction 25, undoubtedly justifies the notable occupation of every seat in the house. At a time when so many young people claim to be without a voice, this group of teens have found an innovative way to communicate with older generations, through movement, dialogue, and song.

Fast-paced and comedic, there is always something going on, so that the delighted audience never loses interest. A beautiful rendition of Robyn’s ‘With Every Heartbeat’ punctuates the action, before heartbeats are literally sent racing again.

Perhaps the best thing about the piece is that it simply wouldn’t work so well with any other age group; the performers’ involvement in the development is evident, adding an honesty that could never have been achieved had they simply been given someone else’s work. It’s hard not to notice a not-so-subtle emphasis on the negative aspects of love – the uncertainty, the heartbreak, the anguish – but this is a true reflection of tempestuous teenage love.

The boundless exuberance of these dedicated young people is wonderful to watch. A pick’n’mix of stories and thoughts with a sprinkling of scientific fact, I Hope My Heart Goes First is a true celebration of the heart.

St George's West until 22 Aug 2011, various times